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G (Conceptional Best Album )

オーダーの際のお願い https://ameblo.jp/mari-iijima/entry-12533099560.html

Mari's own label MARIMUSIC 20th anniversary album 

14 beautifully crafted love songs including 2 brand new tracks

The bonus is this autographed Mari Dying Swan postcard!

$20 plus shipping and handling fee 


The Mari Iijima Official Desk Calendar 2020

$15 plus shipping and handling fee 

Suspense! "As Is" T-shirt

I only have 1 size small, 3 size medium, 4 size large left

$35 plus shipping nd handling fee 


Mari & Minmay Illustration T-shirt

I made this t-shirt for the Macross Orchestra concert in 2016

Illustrated by Mari

Only 70 shirts exist in the world and I only have 5 left

$35 plus shipping and handling fee

 One size fits all (Size M-L)

It will look like a tunic shirt on girls :) 

Time to Unite (2012) Tour T-shirt

Very very rare. Only 1 size M left

$40 plus shipping and handling fee 

Anger is The New Sadness (Autographed)

Anger is The New Sadness / Mari Iijima
1 無言の復讐 -Silent Revenge-
2 Russia Gate
3 Emotionally Unavailable
4 Vulnerability
Produced, All songs written, arranged, recorded,
performed, photography and artwork by Mari Iijima 
Mixed by Brian Reeves & Mari Iijima(1,3&4), Mari Iijima (2)
Mastered by Brian Lucey (Magic Garden Mastering)
Drum machine & Synthesizer Programming, 
Keyboards and Vocals by Mari Iijima
Guitars and Additional Synthesizer Programming
by Michael Chaves
Shipping as I receive the completed CDs from the factory.
$15 plus shipping & handling fee