Anger is The New Sadness (Autographed)
  • Anger is The New Sadness (Autographed)
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4 track EP

Anger is The New Sadness / Mari Iijima

1 無言の復讐 -Silent Revenge- 2 Russia Gate 3 Emotionally Unavailable 4 Vulnerability

Produced, All songs written, arranged, recorded, performed, photography and artwork by Mari Iijima  Mixed by Brian Reeves & Mari Iijima(1,3&4), Mari Iijima (2) Mastered by Brian Lucey (Magic Garden Mastering)

Drum machine & Synthesizer Programming,  Keyboards and Vocals by Mari Iijima Guitars and Additional Synthesizer Programming by Michael Chaves

Shipping as I receive the completed CDs from the factory. $15 plus shipping & handling fee

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