1. Hotel Lobby

From the recording Hotel Lobby

The opening track of Mari's new album Chaos and Stillness


Hotel Lobby (Mari Iijima)
While envisioning the tomorrow 
that I had never seen yet 
I kept buying brand new clothes 
It was dreaming of a date with you . . . 
A flower printed one piece dress
It still has a price tag on it
It’s a sad view from here
I don’t know where I went off course
But I’m still here alone 
Where are you now? 
Are you still living with her? 
The questions that have no place to go 
They merge with my sighs 
Ah . . . Bring back the time! 
One morning in March . . . 
At the hotel lobby
My sweet heartbeats are eternal 
It was only a few seconds 
that he held my shoulder and yet 
“I could just stay like this forever” 
He whispered to me softly with a little wit 
Tears flow into my eyes 
each time I think of you 
You are the only one 
who has that effect on me 
What makes me do that? 
I don’t have any answer to that ...
©marimusic / rice island music publisher (ASCAP) 2018