My Only Truth

I'm living in the now. I'm not living in the past. Some people want to hold onto some past moments maybe because they aren't happy in the now. Nostalgia. An escaping spot. I don't do that. The past happened. And it was true back then. But it's not here any more. And it's no longer a truth to me in this moment. I don't have any past moments that I want to hold onto. I never felt euphoric in the past. So I don't have any moments that I want to hold onto. I'm aways seeking greater moments. To me, the past is a faded memory. I don't live with it. 

You have your own stories. And the stories keep on changing in people's minds. It's no longer simply the facts, they are your creations. You want me to fit into your stories sometimes, but I have my own story that's very different from yours. 

I live in the now. I live with my new music and activities. I serve you with my presence, music and voice when you need me, without complaining, with smiles. I respect you, so please respect me too. Thank you.