Oct. 5 in Torrance at 3:30 PM

I haven't checked any of the MacrossWorld Convention pages or their HP lately, so I don't know how they're promoting the event this year. But I will be there yet again. I'll start performing around 3:30PM and do an autograph session and merchandise sales. I'll perform a couple of Macross tunes, my new single, some tracks from my latest album "Take A Picture Against The Light" and maybe some older tracks from my previous albums. I guess they have a bigger guest this year? so I might not be such a big deal to the event, but I'll do my job with my heart, so if you like, please come see me. Arigatou. The venue is The Torrance Cultural Arts Center, Ken Miller Auditorium. The address is 3341 Civic Center Dr, Torrance, CA 90503. See ya.

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