a sad day . . . hello from us.

パンダの赤ちゃん死んじゃった、、、。ストーリーを最初から追いかけて来たのに。こういう運命だったのかもしれないけど、言葉で表現出来ないほど悲しい。今日までがんばったね。いい子いい子。おかあさんもお疲れさま。Baby Panda in Tokyo died. I've been following the story from the beginning. So sad. I'm sobbing. Byebye, baby Panda. Sleep well in heaven. Sorry, mama Panda. Get some rest. xoxo

Pressed Juice Cleanse

I started my 3 day pressed juice cleansing today. I just had my 3rd juice of the day (I drink a bottle of pressed juice every 2 hours). I think it might be a little easier for me comparing to…

Photo session with Lori Dorn at LACMA

I had a photo session with a multi talented photographer Lori Dorn for my new album in the back yard of the La Brea Tar Pits this afternoon then there it was! Michael Heizer's 'Levitated Mass' at LACMA! I look…