Mari with Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas from Mutemath

As you guys all know, I'm in the middle of mixing and finishing up my upcoming brand spanking new album "Take A Picture Against The Light". A bassist Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas from the band MUTEMATH is playing on a track called "Impossible People". I really wanted him on my record, so I tracked him down haha and asked. He's very nice and more than anything, he gave me some badass bass tracks. MUTEMATH is definitely one of my very favorite American bands. I truly hope we could keep our musicianship going for the future recordings too. Here is a couple of photos of us. When he visited LA with his band in June, he took time to have a cup of coffee with me to say Hi. There are such people as musicians with genuine+good hearts . . . like me, like Roy. Thank God for that. 

大好きなアメリカンバンドのひとつ、MUTEMATHのベーシスト、Roy Mitchell-Cárdenasが、ライブでもご披露した"Impossible People" という私の楽曲でベースを弾いてくれています。6月に彼がバンドと共にロスに立ち寄った時、お茶を飲み、顔合わせしました。大変親切で真面目な、宝のようなミュージシャンです。 

Check out MUTEMATH at WEtbXrRIkgWgbXLAvcQ&index=9&feature=plcp 

They're currently touring with Jane's Addiction & later with Incubus and Linkin Park.