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  • 06/30/2018
    Mari Live at the Genghis Cohen - Los Angeles, CA
  • 08/25/2018
    Hakuju Hall - Shibuya, Tokyo


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My beloved gecko, Ricky just passed away. We had a special bond through joy and pain over the years. We were friends. In the end, I was spoid feeding water to him. I laid next to him and held him for a long time last night. I knew the time was getting closer. He knew he'd go today. He positioned himself, laid next to the water tank in his cage like he never did before. He was 19 years old. I hope you are playing with Gex in heaven now, Ricky! God bless, Ricky. I already miss you and I'll continue to love you forever. I can't stop crying for now, but I'll be ok. I'll stay strong for Bunny and Sky who is a younger sibling of Gex & Ricky. Love you, Ricky. *The photos were taken on July 2, 2012. I wanted to make sure we had some together photos before it was going to be too late . Sorry about my face. I was crying a little bit that day too with no makeup. Gomennne.

今さっき、リッキーが亡くなっているのに気付きました。あー、涙が止まらなかった。数時間前まで声をかけていたけど、ちょっと油断してた。もう一度、I love youってやさしく言ってあげたかった。ごめんね、リッキー。ずっと大好きだよ。でも、ママが君の事どれだけ気にかけていたか、伝わっていたよね?いつまでも心は一緒。xoxo 写真は、リッキーがまだ何とか元気にしてた7月2日に撮ったものだよ。ツーショットを必ず残しておきたいと思って。だから安心してね。でも、スッピンの泣き顔でごめん