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Mari's Ballet Diary 8-16-2015

今日はバレエのポイントクラスも、トゥシューズの替え時なのに新しいシューズの準備をしなかったものだから足が痛くて痛くて(靴が古くなるとサポートが減るので足に負担がかかる)思い通りの踊りが出来ず、クラスでびりっこ感。もちろん、ここ数ヶ月のブランクも相当響いてます。以前のレベルに戻せるといいけど。プライベートレッスンでの踊りは、自分が思った程はイモじゃなかったのがせめてもの救いでした。I had a hard time in the pointe class this afternoon too. It was time for me to switch to a new pair of pointe. But I was a bit lazy during the last few days, I didn't sew ribbons and elastics so the new shoes weren't ready. I hope I can get back to the level I was at before because I worked hard to get there. On the other hand, today's private lesson wasn't too bad I guess. I don't look as bad as I thought I would.

Posted by Mari Iijima on Monday, August 17, 2015