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  • 06/30/2018
    Mari Live at the Genghis Cohen - Los Angeles, CA
  • 08/25/2018
    Hakuju Hall - Shibuya, Tokyo


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As I walked onto the stage . . . 


Mari Live in Buenos Aires - Set List

1 Forever Crush (2 Seconds of Infinity)
2 Impossible People (Take A Picture Against The Light)
3 Pink Bed, Blue Bed (Take A Picture Against The Light)
4 Kitto Ieru (Rose')
5 Namae No Nai Avenue (Kimono Stereo)
6 Anata No Hana Ni Naritai (Churiru Churira)
7 Sayonara (The Lorna Doone Soundtrack)

8 My BF is a Pilot

9 0G Love

10 Tenshi No Enogu

11 Ai Oboeteimasuka

12 Bunny Train (Take A Picture Against The Light)
13 Unspoken Love (Wonderful People)
14 Anata No Tame Ni, Jibun No Tame Ni
(Take A Picture Against The Light)

15 Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Oasis Cover)
16 Ikiwoshiteru Kanjiteiru
17 Blue Christmas